Written Statement

My name is Fabian Neuner and I’m running to be the President of the Guild. YOUR Guild. If elected I will strive to campaign on real student issues:

  • Compulsory, relevant and detailed feedback on coursework and exams
  • Improved library provision (extended shortloan facilities, opening hours and core texts)
  • Certified accreditation for volunteering and sport to make your degree stand out
  • A campus textbook exchange (fair at freshers and online system)
  • Improving student-Guild interaction through new and effective channels of communication
  • A Guild that leads on both local and national issues (i.e. the environment, liberation and keeping the cap on tuition fees)
  • Student focussed and student driven campaigns
  • Representation of disenfranchised groups

Through my involvement with the University, the Guild and the NUS I have the experience to know what needs changing and more importantly how to go about it:

  • Student Rep
  • NUS Delegate 2006-2009
  • Chair of Guild Council 2007-2009
  • Shackleton Hall President
  • Best New Volunteer Award 2007
  • Student Advice Volunteer

I have the passion and vision to lead this union forward and make it relevant to students!

Fresh approach – Vote Fab!


One response to “Manifesto

  1. Woo good luck Fab you’d make an awesome President!

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