Library provision at Selly Oak campus …


2 responses to “Library provision at Selly Oak campus …

  1. I assume the Selly Oak library is closed on Sunday due to financial thinking (if not, why?). If that is the case, are you suggesting you are going to transfer money from somewhere else to keep it open? As for the medical school library, are it’s hours much better than the main library, or are you referring to the fact the medical school is open rather than the actual library?

    • Thank you for your remarks. There have been many considerations regarding the financial feasibility of satellite site libraries but I think we need to explore whether the students need extended hours and if they do so we need to extend the facilities or at least make the core texts available through different means. Yes, I am aware that only the med school is open but I feel that there are options to extend libray services both on and off Edgbaston campus. If the university expands in other areas why can we not expand in ares that really matter to students on a day to day basis.

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